Monday, 12 October 2015

Vancouver to Alaska Sept 2015

It was raining in Vancouver  as we boarded M.S Nordam around lunchtime on the 19th ,we unpacked
and done our life boat drill.
Some sea watching produced Neotropic cormorants a few Brandt's about 30 Glaucous winged gulls
and 4 Sabines 3 ads and 1 juv. Passing Vancouver around 1800 hrs.
The following morning around 0330hrs disorientated birds flew past our window on migration.
0720 hrs up on deck identified golden crowned kinglet and savannah sea numbers of
shearwaters and a pod of Dall's porpoises  plus a single great blue heron.

Breakfast 0900hrs be it brief was interrupted by duck ,geese skeins and a party of phalarope.
Numbers of distant Humpback whales I guessed around 8 individuals,a northern flicker flew over
the ship.We passed Laredo sound around1300hrs then Grenville channel and Kennedy island into
Chatham sound.
Around 1700 hrs after noting 3 bald eagles and 3 belted kingfishers and flocks of duck including
Harlequinn and Wigeon,we called it a day .A formal evening not many in penguin suits just the bonds
and their vodka martinis .

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