Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Tortuguero part two

we left the dock around 1500 hrs noting Brown Pelican and Yellow crowned night heron, cruising the waterways we saw our first Osprey of the trip.
Lots of Howler monkeys this afternoon.
Violaceous or black headed Trogon gave excellent views high in the canopy.
Possibly Gartered ,but good views of Keel billed Toucan be it distant.
Now affectionately known as Kill Bill Toucan, finally juvenile Bare throated Tiger heron juveniles in nest as the afternoon safari ended.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Tortuguero its channels and La Baula lodge

0600 hrs in the grounds of La Baula lodge noting Fruitcrow and hummingbirds. Aracaris and Toucan quite splendid birds.
All before breakfast then getting our permits for entry ,our first Bare throated Tiger Heron was posing for everybody.
Commoner species were Little blue heron,Northern Jacana,a superb Green Kingfisher also showed well as the swelter on the delta kicked in.
Not just birds a difficult to photograph River Otter skulked while feeding in the dense vegetation.
Above the Otter superb Howler monkeys their ochre stained bodys not taking fright of us tourists in long boats below them.
Spider monkeys also obliged,along with Caiman and Green Ibis,while photographing Red Crowned Mannakin Green Macaws flew over calling.
Performing turtles and snake like Anhingas in the sunshine made the morning a ornithological blur.

Thursday, 13 April 2017


Left the hotel paid the bar bill,it was a long drive to Cano Blanco on route we were vulture watching at Plana Vista where distant King Vulture obliged we think amongst Black and Turkey vultures.
As we boarded the boat at Cano Blanco mangrove swallows showed along with egrets and Anhingas.
We arrived around 1230 hrs as torrential rain came down.
We got our room then lunch we were entertained by Collared Aracari ,Blue Grey Tanagers and Black mandibled Toucan.
The rain kept coming we took the boat to the Turtle sanctuary and walked along the beach noting Whimbrel and Willet.
Strolling through Tortuguero village we saw a Grey necked Wood rail and Lineated Woodpecker.
love this loo in the town before spotting Montezumas Oropendola or revenge .

Thursday, 6 April 2017

CATIE Agricultural institute near Turrialba

For Anna and Joan It was raining at Hotel Wagelia prior to leaving,egg on toast for breakfast the intrepid Explorers were off to see CATIE.
Greeted by our guide he introduced us again to the ubiquitous Montezuma's Oropendolas.
We walked through the grounds birds,butterflies and flowers galore.
Lots of Northern Jacanas particularly on the lake,scanning the trees many
over wintering American warblers.
A Collared Aracari leaves its nest and amongst the flowers the nest of
the Rufous tailed Hummingbird.
Lunch was at the cafeteria followed by a walk around the vast lake.
Amongst the Jacanas superb Purple Gallinules had juveniles in attendace as I flushed a Jesus Christ Lizard in front of me.
Next up was a Caiman which posed at close quarters before disappearing.
I was after the rare Boat billed Heron which resides here amongst its commoner cousins,eventually we were rewarded.
Another circuit of the lake produced breeding Cattle Egrets and Great White also Green Heron.
Not many passerines here although Black Phoebe obliged probable migrant.
Numerous Anhingas here,we left to visit a Sugar cane area where a couple of unusual birds showed.
Red chested and winged Blackbirds,Eastern Meadowlark and a House Wren.