Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Italica the Romans in Seville and a champagne farewell

On the morning of the 23rd  I got up fairly early for a guided tour of Italica just 15 minutes from
Seville.My guide pointed out some ruins in Santi Ponce nearby.
On arrival we walked in straight to the amphitheatre or Colosseum,where blackbirds,green
woodpecker and a glossy ibis overhead.
We walked the passage ways around the arena and noted praying areas  marked with feet.
Next we walked up the hill passing the public houses to the richer ones housing mosaics.
Some of the mosaics were incredible in particular the house of the birds and the Planetarium.
Over head I saw black kite and bee eater and sulking Sardinian warblers.
Finally the large baths were quite imposing as we walked back to the entrance.
we were soon on our way back to Seville
I met Carol for breakfast and spent a quiet morning around the hotel at 1300 hrs I was bringing champagne to the room as we looked over Seville before leaving.

Bridge over the River Guadalquivir

Today it was overcast as we had tea  on the balcony  contemplating Saturday in Seville,
around 1100hrs we walked to the river or be it canal now, a blackbird scolded in flight pursued
by a lesser kestrel,while patos ducks and geese bobbed on the river.
Passing under the bridge some people were fishing under the bridge with poles.
This bridge is the Puente de Isabella and is famous in Seville,we walked to the Torre del Oro after
a beer on route.
More steps inside housing a maritime museum an on reaching the top good views all around.
A replica of the Santa Marie Columbus ship was on show as we walked up the tower.
Lunch was tapas again this time we chose poorly,so it was back to the hotel for a few drinks as the sun came out on route back.

The Alcazar

Finally we walked to the Alcazar the temperature almost 40c ,the walls looked formidable as we approached.
Walking in to the courtyard we noticed the tiling and inscriptions on the architecture
Through the doorway arches and rooms had Moorish and Christian prescence as we made
our way along.
Then in to a splendid courtyard a small like Alhambra view before further splendid views of
fountains and gardens.
The pool and gardens and finally the Moorish baths ended our short hot visit to the Alcazar.
The baths were great an excellent insight in how too keep cool in the distant past.
A tapas lunch at Giradella
bar before a siesta  then on to the flamenco at Tablo del Arenal ,however
no photography was allowed ,after which a splendid meal at the La Bulla serving Langostines in flute like pastry and chicken Yakatori  ended a splendid day in Seville.

Seville City of Angels 30TH Wedding Anniversary

A late afternoon flight took us to Seville with BA ,Carol had consumed some Champagne ,on arrival the luggage was last of the carousel,not quite a disaster darling.
Our taxi whisked us off to our hotel the Melia Colon in central Seville,after checking in we slipped out for some tapas.
The following morning we were having tea on our rooftop balcony overlooking Seville.
The Jacuzzi looked inviting as pallid and common swift flew overhead,around 1130 hrs we were
picked up by our guide for a tour of  the Cathedral and Alcazar.
First a small church called Hermanos Capuchinos ,inside it was very beautiful.
Next up the the great Cathedral of Seville yielded so much it was hard to take it all in.
Many jewells of the Christian period were on view but the cathedral held Moorish values as well.
So much to look at but Christopher Columbus tomb was something I wished to see as  we
have visited in his footsteps over the years.
Now we follow the path to the top of the Giralda this is not steps but ramps so horses could be ridden to the top.
Halfway up the view is still good as we progress at least 34 ramps to the top.
A great view of the city with the river in the distance ,next up part two the Alcazar .