Thursday, 28 February 2013

Lewis and Carter cloudy and cold at Maple Lodge

Lewis and I took a stroll around the reserve and soon Geoff Laptop was telling us what he had seen.
Of note a patch of Snowdrops were evident just inside the reserve.
We  moved on to Rotunda no sign of Laptops Water Rail just some wrens in the phragmites,we
did manage Green and Great spotted woodpeckers.

Muncjac had been grazing on exposed trees and branches and 2 raptors seen were Red
Kite and Common Buzzard.
A few more duck present notably male Tufteds and pairs of Mallard in courtship
display.On the conservation side splendid work being carried out by out ageing
Well thats all for now look out for end of February notes soon

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

February overcast and cold.Return to the Mara

On Sunday my daughter and I Sarah walked Ted to Woodoaks farm a chill was in the air ,the farm
hands children were playing in the paddocks and the talk was of restoration of the old barn.
Sarah and I walked on and of note 3 Red Kites put in an appearance over the adjacent fields.
On return my mind drifted back to warmer times on the Mara on New Years day walking
from the tent to the jeep I photographed Common Wattle eye.
Once in the jeep with our Intrepids guide John Parmasu we crossed the smelly river as
John calls it due to sulphurous gases it emits.
Game was more in evidence over the river larger herds of gazelles ,giraffe and notably a
bull Elephant with a broken tusk and a bullet hole in his ear.
The sun and temperatures of 40c were punishing as we moved on in  search of cats
we were lucky with 2 cheetahs together.
We also found the mother of last years cubs full of milk or rather drained out hunting in
the same place for another litter.
It was now back for lunch on the Mara and Woodoaks farm and my day dream was over.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

February blue with Man Flu

Hello fellow birders got the flu and missed the Bittern at Stockers hoping to get it before winter is
over.However on the 3rd at Maple lodge had5 Egyptian 19 Wigeon  5 Siskin and a Common Buzzard.
On the 4th a pair of Sparrowhawk were displaying over the Teal hide the now regular
Red Kite puts in an appearance daily over the house.
At the feeding station a Dunnock obliges amongst tits and chaffinches.

Today the 7th a Snow goose obliges at Lynsters farm viewed from Long Hedge amongst
canadas,greylags and Egyptian.