Thursday, 6 July 2017

Manuel Antonio final morning and leaving for San Jose

Got up early for a walk around 0700hrs,first up was a splendid Cherries Tanager
 Further on some Smooth billed Anis ,more Black Vultures obliged as did Yellow headed Caracara.
In a stream near the beach a single White Ibis showed well.
Also near the road a confiding Ferruginous Pygmy Owl posed for pictures.
At breakfast a Roadside Hawk was calling below the hotel,after lunch we left for San Jose.
Passing through Carara over the River Tarcoles and its Crocodiles a traffic jam ensued about 18km from San Jose. Over night at Villa Tournon the last bird of the trip was Plain Wren.

Manuel Antonio park

Woke up around 6am heard Black and white owl calling,we headed for the park entrance then down to the beach where Black Vultures showed well.
Also Spotted Sandpiper and Green Kingfisher, after breakfast a big queue obliged at 0900 HRS mostly Americans going swimming.
We noted Sloth and Lesser Nighthawk and small flocks of Orange chinned Parakeets.
Hoffman's Woodpecker and Black hooded Ant shrike were good finds.
Another Lifer was Cherrie's Tanager a smaller version of Passerinis, it became very hot so I returned to the hotel.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Carara National Refuge

Left Monteverde on route to Manuel Antonio we crossed the river just before Carara NP where crocodiles swam below us.
The River Tarcoles held many of these,we saw River Wren and Southern Lapwing here too.
We entered the park hearing our objective long before seeing it.
We also saw a splendid Trogon before a flock of Scarlett Macaws.

Monteverde Curi Cancha reserve

Once again in search of Resplendant Quetzal at Curi Cancha.
We searched this open valley and found 2 males and 1 female they performed admirably but a little elusive in the shade.
They were scared off by Crested Guans as the morning progressed.
Moving on through the forest we noted Motmots and Chestnut headed Oropendolas,a distant Swallow tailed Kite in flight.
We rested by a river getting a few bites,at the humming bird area more Agoutis before lunch at Stellars bakery.