Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stockers Lake wet summers day

Got the bus to Mill End,where at Church Lane I crossed the road and met Louis from work we walked down to the River Colne,it was here we parted,as I crossed the causeway between Stockers and Bury gravel pits I noticed a juvenile Reed Warbler,never to miss an opportunity I photographed it at close quarters then ushered in to the undergrowth away from cyclists,dogs and general public unaware of its plight.
On dead trees opposite a pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers obliged,while overhead Common Tern called as did a  gaudy Ring Necked Parakeets on an Oak on one of the islands on Stockers.
I made my way to the cafe in the park for a spot of tea.
Met Simone followed the lake to the causeway where Reed Warblers were in evidence,as we neared the
River Colne a Whitethroat was feeding  a juvenile.
We searched in vain for Kingfishers,plenty of herons and geese mostly Canadas and Greylags, a few ducks mostly Tufted and Pochards in eclipse plumage, as we reached canal side our first Great crested Grebe was on its nest prior to the Alder wood.
A real bonus was party of Bullfinch including juveniles,then it was more warblers, a family of Blackcaps also a Willow warbler or Chiffchaff,while on the boardwalk a party of wrens showed as the sun come out.
Finally another pair of Great Crested Grebes sitting on a single egg before the heavens opened so ended another day with Colne Valley Birding.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Purple Hairstreak at Bayhurst Woods

On the Border with butterflies

Paul Lewis and I had a small window today in between jobs and work,so we went to Harefield towards Ruislip where at  Bayhurst woods we went  in search of butterflies ,we parked and walked the circumference of the wood and saw that many butterflies,that we renamed the wood Speckled Wood as in every sunny glade they were abundant.
Birds were not at a premium but we did see juvenile nuthatch and heard tree creeper and blackcap.
Our main goal was some rare butterflies,but it was not until we had gone full circle and reached the car park we had a fleeting glimpse of White Admiral,then amongst the Oaks ,Paul saw our first Purple Hairstreaks I was surprised they were not much bigger than Common Blue,we managed some photos
and returned home happy with our good fortune.