Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stockers Lake wet summers day

Got the bus to Mill End,where at Church Lane I crossed the road and met Louis from work we walked down to the River Colne,it was here we parted,as I crossed the causeway between Stockers and Bury gravel pits I noticed a juvenile Reed Warbler,never to miss an opportunity I photographed it at close quarters then ushered in to the undergrowth away from cyclists,dogs and general public unaware of its plight.
On dead trees opposite a pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers obliged,while overhead Common Tern called as did a  gaudy Ring Necked Parakeets on an Oak on one of the islands on Stockers.
I made my way to the cafe in the park for a spot of tea.
Met Simone followed the lake to the causeway where Reed Warblers were in evidence,as we neared the
River Colne a Whitethroat was feeding  a juvenile.
We searched in vain for Kingfishers,plenty of herons and geese mostly Canadas and Greylags, a few ducks mostly Tufted and Pochards in eclipse plumage, as we reached canal side our first Great crested Grebe was on its nest prior to the Alder wood.
A real bonus was party of Bullfinch including juveniles,then it was more warblers, a family of Blackcaps also a Willow warbler or Chiffchaff,while on the boardwalk a party of wrens showed as the sun come out.
Finally another pair of Great Crested Grebes sitting on a single egg before the heavens opened so ended another day with Colne Valley Birding.

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