Thursday, 19 July 2012

birding mid to late July

Walked to Woodoaks farm where I  met  Paul  Frost  in the orchard I had a brief glimpse of Little Owl.I or we were waiting for other nocturnal visitors.
We had a brief glimpse of  Barney but he did not stay.
Some  two days later Paul  Lewis and I  were at Lake Park in Hayes where a confiding Red backed Shrike gave slightly distant views  for the camera .We met Ephraim Perfect a young birder not a name
to forget and a nice lad to boot.
Returned to Woodoaks again but  alas only the sun going down over Lady Walk Wood.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Sabines gull at last

On  the 4th of July Paul Lewis  and I had a window of 2 hrs to get to  Tring.
On  arrival at Startops res the rape of the Sabine women came to mind but better
still to get to grips with a Sabine's gull gave me pleasure as I had not managed
this bird before, dipping on the Thames some years ago.
So  a lifer a brit tick and a Herts tick all in 2 hours.