Thursday, 2 July 2015

In raptures over raptors

Well its been a month since my last post and I have been watching a Sparrowhawk family grow now
fledged and leaving the nest in the flooded Alder wood affectionately known as the Everglades,where some wag has placed a plastic Alligator.
The weather has been good for the hunting Accipters as both parents seem to have hunted successfully.
Sitting tight at first now left to wing stretch and fly hop short distances through the trees as the water
levels recede below them.
At first covered in down and considered vunerable the Sparrowhawk makes a good parent,with all
four fledged the food source must have been good that coupled with good flying days has helped
no need of sibling rivalry and cannibalism  at this site.
Watching them grow has been a pleasure for most of us ,as they gradually they lose their
down and grow feathers,some distractions was a fine male Lesser spotted Woodpecker in the plantation and the singing blackbirds.
Back to our raptors as these fine youngsters find their feet over the Alder swamp ,dragonflies and
butterflies dance in the sunshine as the temperature soars to the hottest day for years in Herts.
Yes its four any offers on five , that's that settled  then ,well if you've gone over the weekend
its been a pleasure thanks for the show.