Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Alcazar

Finally we walked to the Alcazar the temperature almost 40c ,the walls looked formidable as we approached.
Walking in to the courtyard we noticed the tiling and inscriptions on the architecture
Through the doorway arches and rooms had Moorish and Christian prescence as we made
our way along.
Then in to a splendid courtyard a small like Alhambra view before further splendid views of
fountains and gardens.
The pool and gardens and finally the Moorish baths ended our short hot visit to the Alcazar.
The baths were great an excellent insight in how too keep cool in the distant past.
A tapas lunch at Giradella
bar before a siesta  then on to the flamenco at Tablo del Arenal ,however
no photography was allowed ,after which a splendid meal at the La Bulla serving Langostines in flute like pastry and chicken Yakatori  ended a splendid day in Seville.

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