Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Bridge over the River Guadalquivir

Today it was overcast as we had tea  on the balcony  contemplating Saturday in Seville,
around 1100hrs we walked to the river or be it canal now, a blackbird scolded in flight pursued
by a lesser kestrel,while patos ducks and geese bobbed on the river.
Passing under the bridge some people were fishing under the bridge with poles.
This bridge is the Puente de Isabella and is famous in Seville,we walked to the Torre del Oro after
a beer on route.
More steps inside housing a maritime museum an on reaching the top good views all around.
A replica of the Santa Marie Columbus ship was on show as we walked up the tower.
Lunch was tapas again this time we chose poorly,so it was back to the hotel for a few drinks as the sun came out on route back.

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