Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Italica the Romans in Seville and a champagne farewell

On the morning of the 23rd  I got up fairly early for a guided tour of Italica just 15 minutes from
Seville.My guide pointed out some ruins in Santi Ponce nearby.
On arrival we walked in straight to the amphitheatre or Colosseum,where blackbirds,green
woodpecker and a glossy ibis overhead.
We walked the passage ways around the arena and noted praying areas  marked with feet.
Next we walked up the hill passing the public houses to the richer ones housing mosaics.
Some of the mosaics were incredible in particular the house of the birds and the Planetarium.
Over head I saw black kite and bee eater and sulking Sardinian warblers.
Finally the large baths were quite imposing as we walked back to the entrance.
we were soon on our way back to Seville
I met Carol for breakfast and spent a quiet morning around the hotel at 1300 hrs I was bringing champagne to the room as we looked over Seville before leaving.

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