Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Tortuguero its channels and La Baula lodge

0600 hrs in the grounds of La Baula lodge noting Fruitcrow and hummingbirds. Aracaris and Toucan quite splendid birds.
All before breakfast then getting our permits for entry ,our first Bare throated Tiger Heron was posing for everybody.
Commoner species were Little blue heron,Northern Jacana,a superb Green Kingfisher also showed well as the swelter on the delta kicked in.
Not just birds a difficult to photograph River Otter skulked while feeding in the dense vegetation.
Above the Otter superb Howler monkeys their ochre stained bodys not taking fright of us tourists in long boats below them.
Spider monkeys also obliged,along with Caiman and Green Ibis,while photographing Red Crowned Mannakin Green Macaws flew over calling.
Performing turtles and snake like Anhingas in the sunshine made the morning a ornithological blur.

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