Thursday, 13 April 2017


Left the hotel paid the bar bill,it was a long drive to Cano Blanco on route we were vulture watching at Plana Vista where distant King Vulture obliged we think amongst Black and Turkey vultures.
As we boarded the boat at Cano Blanco mangrove swallows showed along with egrets and Anhingas.
We arrived around 1230 hrs as torrential rain came down.
We got our room then lunch we were entertained by Collared Aracari ,Blue Grey Tanagers and Black mandibled Toucan.
The rain kept coming we took the boat to the Turtle sanctuary and walked along the beach noting Whimbrel and Willet.
Strolling through Tortuguero village we saw a Grey necked Wood rail and Lineated Woodpecker.
love this loo in the town before spotting Montezumas Oropendola or revenge .

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