Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Ketchikan 24th September 2015

0730 hrs approaching Ketchikan rain and rainbows, as we dock a bald eagle flys overhead.
A big community here with a large church on the waterfront.
Two Stellers Jays fly around the port as we disembark we head off for our bus to take
us on our tour to Neets Bay.
We took off for Neets bay by float plane it took about 15 minutes,flying over the
misty fjiord up and across Revilla island and landed in pouring rain.
On arrival our guide Amanda Moreno the hatchery owners wife ushered us along a path
through the trees.

She spoke loudly but affectively on the bears here showing us scratch marks dens
and the food plant Skunk Cabbage. A Bear was spotted on lake shore which was the haunt
of various gull species.
This proved to be the only bear so at times it was awkward to photograph,however the
rain did not help either.
Bald eagles ,crows ,gulls and ravens also put in an appearance as we all steadily got wet.

Even the bear sadly called Joe managed to eat a salmon past its sell by date which helped
satisfy this wet photographer and long suffering wife holding the brolly.
Other gulls notably Bonapartes and Mew also the common Glaucous winged obliged along
with American Dipper before we trudged back to the plane.
 We took off in torrid conditions as a rainbow arched in the sky as we turned for
Ketchikan a bald eagle flew under the plane,we landed safely back to the ship changed
clothes and went for chowder in Annabellas along the port.

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