Monday, 12 October 2015

Skagway the return fom summit to city

Arrived at the summit where at its lake we flushed a party of Harlequinn duck.
Flags here on the border a detachment of Mounties were based here alongside mountain pools
and flora.
The summit excursion turns here at White Pass,the engines switch to the front making us the last carriage down.

As you can see its quite desolate up here at the head of the pass.
This habitat produces very little in the way of birds as we make our way back down.
snow on the tops with sunshine was an added bonus.
On our way back down beneath the snow covered peaks.
passing the wooden trestle again,made for photographic opportunities.It was certainly
a great trip as we alighted in town.
We made our way to the Red Onion Saloon where a few drinks and chilli livened us up.
I did a tour of the establishment this one time brothel the ladies here serving
and giving informative knowledge of the oldest profession entertained us in this museum
depicting a brothel in Alaska.
We left and walked the side walks of Skagway in the early afternoon sunshine where the trees
in splendid autumn colours was lovely.
We browsed the shops and noted a few Steller's jays,we returned to the ship .Pre -1887
Skaqua or Shgagwei in Tlingit means  a windy place with white caps on the water

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