Monday, 12 October 2015

Skagway and the Yukon railway 22nd Septemer 2015

Arrived Skagway around 0630hrs after overnight cruising,the snow on the top of mountains greets
us as do the Ravens and eagles.
Left the ship around 0800hrs we boarded the White Pass and Yukon Railway narrow gauge from
Skagway at sea level ,we sat in our parlour cars with padded seats and bar pulled by diesel.
This summit excursion  was the Gateway to the Klondike,we pass the outlaw cemetery where
soapy smith and Frank Reid shot it out in 1898.
Next up the bridge and Denver Glacial trail as the railroad crosses the Skagway river.
Rocky point gives excellent views,Bridge and Pitchfork falls are easy to miss,after Black Cross
Rock,Bridal veil falls comes down off Mt Cleveland.
High line view leads to Glacier stn,a track winds up to Laughton Glacier here the loop line give
a sensation of flying at 16 mile the engineer sounds his whistle.
The railroad spans across Glacier gorge  crossing the trestle in to the tunnel.
At the18 mile spot a steel bridge constructed in 1901 was the tallest cantilever in the world it
replaced  a dizzying switch back with its timber trestle.

Further on another mile the bridge tunnel and trail of 98 produces a horseshoe curve great for photos.
When through the tunnel the upper reaches of Dead Horse Gulch and the visible remains of White Pass trail is etched in the ground.
At 20 miles we reach the summit of White Pass to be continued on the next blog chapter.

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