Monday, 12 October 2015

Tracey arm to Juneau Alaska 21st September2015

It was overcast with rain again ,the clocks went back an hr today,from the ship white horses and a back drop of wooded islands and mist covered mountains ,closer a few guillemots and the ubiquitous gulls.
A second year immature bald eagle flew towards the ship and back to land.
Juneau is the capital of Alaska and is situated in the Gastineau channel,it is famous
for the Meldenhall glacier,it was cold sea watching as we approached Juneau a Peregrine flew
over the ship,mallards and crows along the shore.
We disembarked around 1230hrs noting Steller's sea lions along the pier,here we met our guide
Trevor Wade who worked for Gastineau guiding,we took a bus to Auke cove where we boarded our
boat for a whale watching trip with Captain Annette.

Here's Trevor with a specimen,before leaving we saw Harlequinn and belted kingfisher.We
were soon on our way viewing superb Humpback  whales.

You can see by the weather it was not ideal conditions,Trevor and Annette gave us lots of details
on cetaceans as we scanned the bay for blows.
We got fairly close but the weather got worse as we approached these magnificent leviathans.
Hence the name Hump back followed if your lucky by the disappearing tail.

We saw up to 8 individuals 1 party with a calve distinguished by a shorter spout from its blow hole.
A rainbow with a back drop of the glacier ended our trip.We returned around 1700 hrs seeing a Bald
Eagle up close.

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