Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Vancouver Capilano bridge,Granville Market and shopping 27th 28th Sept 2015

Had breakfast and took the shuttle to the Capilano bridge,on arrival paid our admittance.
On entry we noticed Kia'Palano  a number of totem poles are here on entry.
Along with a replica dug out canoe and various native American obelisks etc to view.
Capilano bridge is a suspension bridge over the Capilano river I was here in 1984 and
walked along the river noting belted kingfisher.Today this bridge is not for the fearfull
I walked across taking photos on route its 450ft long and 230ft high and has been wobbly
since 1889.
 Through the rainforest passing raptors ridge unfortunately only tourists present.
Suspended walkways along sheer granite cliff faces.
After this we took a taxi to Granville market,our evening meal at Joe Fortes featuring
oysters was superb.
Our final day in Vancouver was spent shopping at the Pacific centre,tea at the TWG CENTRE
then was of to an Inuit art gallery in Gas town where the steam clock still chimes.
Finally visiting other art galleries such as coastal peoples  and Hill's
Native Arts showed the versatality of the Inuit and Tlingit peoples.

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