Monday, 12 October 2015

Glacier Bay Alaska September 23rd

Around 0730hrs  approaching Glacier Bay,a few birds obliged eg Common Loon,cormorants and various alcids including common murre /guillemots.
The views were stunning as we neared our destination around 1015 hrs.

small icebergs against the glacial icefield,here a Tlingit Native American boarded the ship and a ranger gave us an insight to how the glacier stole their land. This was the Margerie  Glacier.
Then onwards to Lamplugh glacier.The native American  was a Huna Tlingit.
Arrived at Lamplugh glacier the temperature dropping again as we cruise past,suppose to be 50c
I beg to differ,around 1130 hrs  I photographed an otter upside down lazing in patchy sunshine.
Met the Hanu Tlingit at 1445 hrs a lecture in the Vista lounge Alaska Native Culture Native Voices,the lecture on Hanu Tlingit discussed Thunderbird clan the eagle and the raven and Potlatch food for the people.
Glacier bay 1350hrs splendid scenery  with otters and Kittiwakes,huge floatillas of guillemots  as we sailed away from Glacier Bay.
1735 hrs still sailing the light lingers on the snow capped mountains,clouds hover above
them the ship is moving quicker now as we head for another destination around 1845 hrs the skys
darken as Sooty shearwaters in conclusion Short tailed shearwaters difficult to separate in flight and
dark conditions.


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