Thursday, 20 September 2012

Vancouver and the Rockies June 1984

On the 11th of June 1984 I arrived in Vancouver via Calgary,our hotel was in walking distance of Stanely Park.
The next morning we were up early cruising the suburbs of West Vancouver in search of an
introduced specie the Crested Mynah.
Later at 4039 Rose Crescent some friends of Ornitholidays opened there house and garden and
on the sugar feeders we saw Anna's'Hummingbirds
The rest of the day was spent at Stanely Park,we saw Bald eagles and at Lost Lagoon
showy Red winged blackbirds flashing their red epauelletes in courtship display.
At  Burrard inlet sea watching produced Pigeon Guillemot,Marbled Murrelet, Pelagic
Cormorant and rafts of Western Grebes and Glaucous winged Gulls.
On the 13th we were at George C.Reifel Migratory Sanctuary where small numbers of wildfowl
obliged,overhead Red tailed hawk showed well.
Further on at the Capilano river Belted Kingfishers and raucous Caspian terns called ,distant
Harlequinn ducks in the estuary.Our final venue today was Light House Park another stand of Pacific
rain forest it was here we heard the pumping call of Blue Grouse but failed to locate it.
Headed back to the carpark in the undergrowth Swainson's Thrush added spice to a long day.

The next day was another long one first Howe Sound a beautiful fiord running inland to
Squamish,next up Daisy Lake near Garibaldi produced exquisite warblers such as Townsends,
and Black throated Grays and the commoner Yellow rumped .
Nearby the tumbling white waters of Brandy Wine Falls and the Black Tusk river produced
American Dipper,the understorey held Warbling Vireos,Rufous hummingbirds and Flycatchers,
it was 50 miles back to Vancouver and our last venue today was Iona island where we saw a single
Marsh Hawk then it was a sub species of Hen Harrier.

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