Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Maple Lodge yesterday with Paul Lewis

After our chores Paul and I made our way to the reserve it was another bright autumnal day.
First stop the Clubhouse hide where Jays and Ring necked Parakeets were present.
Geoff Laptop was also present and the usual banter ensued,we were fortunate today that
one of the two Green Sandpipers were present a little closer today.

The chat continued regarding  dragonflies and we moved off to Long Hedge ,we heard goldcrest
on route but first up was a Common Darter not Ruddy as I misidentified yesterday.
Next up a splendid  Migrant  Hawker  I got this one right as  I could see the golf tee prominently
on the thorax.
A few  butterflies put in an appearance Comma  and  Speckled Wood,before retracing our
steps back along Long Hedge.
Finally we pursued an avid feeder amongst the Hawthorn perhaps Chiffchaff or Willow
Warbler we settled for the latter ,it was quite yellow below and the legs looked right.
What would a  trip  to Maple Lodge be without the spendid azure Kingfisher.

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