Saturday, 22 September 2012

Vancouver and the Rockies from delta to sagebrush

Left Vancouver on route to Chilliwack then onward to Keremeos via Princeton,we got off the
bus and a Golden eagle flew overhead,here at Roy Dennis's farm we had wonderful views of
Lewis's Woodpecker.
Before  arriving at our hotel in Osoyoos we saw  California Quail,we booked in and on the nearby
lake  a Spotted Sandpiper sat on an overturned boat.
The following morning we set off for Osoyoos Ecological reserve,but first we bird the Osoyoos road.
John took the big yellow bus down the dusty track where the lake stretches to Washington State.
Here at its northern end the lake is fed by a canalised river and associated wet meadows,marsh and
scrubby oxbows  was a superb habitat for a host of species.First an American Bittern flapped lazily
across the lake. Just off the road an Osprey was nesting on a telegraph pole.
Yellow headed blackbirds in the cattails showed their yellows amongst wading Wilson's Phalaropes.

Of the passerine I photographed  Grey Catbird and noted American Redstart,tree swallows sat in their
nest holes,finally a Downy Woodpecker before crossing the river.

Next up Kilpoola produced a Mountain Bluebird,on return to the hotel a Say' Phoebe had nested on the veranda.
A stop at Lake Skaha Penticton gave me a chance to photograph an Osprey with a trout in its talons.

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