Monday, 24 September 2012

birders diary April May 1985

Off to Norfolk for the weekend with Carol and Christopher at 1800hrs good views of Barn and Short eared Owls  behind Cley Windmill,plus a flock of displaying  Avocet.
Early the next morning birding along Coast Guards road we heard a Bittern booming,after breakfast at Wells car park in cold windy conditions we saw a male Parrot Crossbill feeding young in the pines
and later drinking from puddles.
They appear larger than nominate Crossbill,with heavier bill and some with bright orangey plumage.
We returned on the 4th and 5th of May,mostly a weekend searching for Serin,the Parrot Crossbills were still there and we managed a fleeting glimpse of Serin.
Carol and Chris showed extreme patience with me over the weekend I played with Chris and Carol in the pines and beach to end a lovely weekend.

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