Wednesday, 19 September 2012

highly mobile Whinchat at Woodoaks

I was in Rickmansworth doing some more chores and  I am just getting a cup of tea in Costa Coffee
when the phone goes off its Sharpy he's got a Whinchat at Woodoaks so I get on the bike to the farm.
On arrival Sharpy and Laptop are scoping it at some distance so after a while I pursue it carefully along the fence ,however its a female playing hard to get, as a charm of goldfinches and a single magpie keep it on the move . I  manage a record shot then chat to Sally Findlay she and her helper are
picking the Ragwort as when the cows eat it affects their system as the can't pass it naturally
Not a lot of people know that.Thanks to Sharpy,Sir Geoffrey Lapworth and Sally Findlay

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