Monday, 23 March 2015

Success at last Parit Falls produces some cracking birds

Last day in the Cameron Islands I had breakfast and took a cab to Parit Falls,the sun was shining  on arrival.
This montane local park produced  some marvellous surprises in the form of White crowned Forktail.
Seen on the river boulders below the falls. A wave of Minivets,Orioles,Drongos etc were calling
and viewable in the early morning sun.

Above the Grey chinned Minivet posed admirably and so did  a few others at least 30 minutes of activity.
A Scarlet Minivet was quite something as it moved through the canopy, even a racket tailed drongo
showed briefly.
Pale legged Leaf Warbler was a good find I thought it was an Arctic warbler at first,it was all over too soon  I returned by taxi around 10.00hrs.
We left the hotel around 1300 hrs making our way to Tapah and eventually to hotel Sama Sama in
KL for the next leg of the holiday.

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