Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Leaving Koh Lanta for Bangkok and home

Early morning  a Olive winged bulbul obliged before leaving from the quay a Black Kite showed
briefly as we boarded our boat.
The speed boat journey produced lesser crested and black naped terns.At Krabi pier we drove to
the airport noting Smyrna kingfisher on route.An  hours flight to Bangkok was easy enough , finally getting our car to the Mandarin Oriental.
Welcomed by the doorman we checked in,  from the room the river view produce black collared
starling previously seen in Hong Kong.A racoon like squirrel was running over the roof tops,also saw
brown shrike. Time for a shower and evening meal.
Breakfast the following morning produced a few species in the gardens below Coppersmith barbet
and Ashy Drongo,breakfast by the river ended our stay in the city.

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