Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Koh Lanta National Park

Got up around 0700 hrs  and got a taxi a few miles to the NP, the uphill drive provided  some monkeys and doves on route. I arrived a little early.
Walking the vicinity of the beach I saw a Pacific Reef Egret and Common Saandpiper below
the light house.
Numerous bulbuls and a few sunbirds showed at the dried up river bed along with a skulking
White Breasted Waterhen.
Next up a pair of Brahminy Kite  nesting nearby and calling in the trees,this took some time as straining backwards to view the tree tops.
On leaving a troop of crab eating Macaques or Green monkeys as called by the locals walked
past us nonchantly.
On route back near the Elephant Trek village we found a Ratchet tailed Treepie and more kites
and mynahs.
That evening  around 1800 HRS  I saw a Lesser Coucal from our balcony and a nightjar and bat.

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