Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Koh Haa sunset cruise

Another walk produced the usual suspects, as the morning progressed we missed lunch due to our
forthcoming cruise which was departing at 1400hrs,on leaving the beach a Lesser Coucal was calling.
1400 HRS boarded the boat with a mixed bunch an hour at sea provided a few terns Lesser crested
and probably Black naped,at last we reached the Limestone pinnacles covered in vegetation.

The sea was azure blue and below angel and trigger fish, my snorkelling was poor due to my
hesistancy and the strong tide,so I settled for a boat ride to the beach.
Paul and Natalie and Danish enjoyed there day,the staff were good on the boat a fun day for
everybody on board.
So we hit the beer and wine on the way back to Koh Lanta ,it is said that the sea eagles nest on these

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