Monday, 23 March 2015

Mount Brinchang its tea plantations,mossy oak forests and butterflys

Having breakfast on the balcony noting bulbuls,flowerpeckers and a pleasing Mugimaki flycatcher and the common Asian Magpie Robins.
0900 hrs we were picked up by land rover and headed for the Boh tea estate where we gazed over
the tea plantation noting few birds.
Next up we headed for Mount Brinchang where we had exceptional views of the valleys below.
A little way down the road we entered the mossy forest where a crested serpent eagle could be heard
below us in the valley.
In the forest the rare endemic pitcher plants and so much more fauna was pointed out by our
We then moved down the valley passing a Long Legged Buzzard on route to the Tea factory.
Next up was a butterfly garden followed by a strawberry growers farm.
Above the splendid Rajah Brookes Birdwing amongst other varietys.

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