Thursday, 30 May 2013

Final Day in Sweden

Another O53O HRS call for a pre breakfast trip on route to the Black Grouse moor.We were
fortunate to see Hazel Grouse, a good view was obtained of it in the trees.
At the moor we saw Osprey and heard Black Grouse calling,a variety of passerines
obliged notably Brambling and Golden Plover overhead.
Some weeks ago a wolf had been seen here see Daniel Greens blog,we continued
to look for other denizens of the forest,however Capercaillie eluded us.

So we headed back to Salbohed for breakfast ,we packed for our departure said our
goodbyes to Wilma and Yohannes,the bird table was still holding splendid bullfinches.
Passing the lakes on route ,our first stop was Frovisjon where a mini twitch had produced
American Wigeon,this was a bonus as we had targetted Slavonian grebe.
Passerines of note while we scanned from the roadside proved a bit flighty in
particular two Wryneck, however a Yellowhammer sang close by.
Moving closer to the lake we found a nesting Long eared owl which was a surprise for
most of us.
Flemming had found a Spotted Redshank in summer plumage ,up to 9 Slavonian grebes in
breeding plumage and my mate Lewis had found a Red necked grebe.
After coffee we headed towards Stockholm and our final stop was Torslundgropen nature
reserve an excavated sand/gravel pit  with limited vegetation.
Mostly Silver birch ,on arrival a Whitethroat scolded from the undergrowth.
We walked up the steep hill,at the top we searched for our final quarry,the
superbly patterned Ortolan Bunting sang from scree and tree top as we viewed
this rare bunting that has become a delicacy for French gastronomics.
A swift lunch before a heavy shower and we were on our way to Arlanda airport
just outside Stockholm. We left our Danish friends at Terminal 5 and Daniel
dropped us off at Terminal 2 a little late ,but what a trip ,Thanks to Daniel, Mikael
Wilma and Yohannes and everybody on the trip .

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