Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Day Three part two Eagle Owl

Another walk to tempt Hazel Grouse and Grey Headed woodpecker failed although tree nesting
Goldeneyes was unusual.
Butterflies included Camberwell Beauty, Green Hairstreak, and Common Blue.

The day was full of singing Willow warblers and another pair of Red backed shrike.
At Flackebo on route back we photographed the church, a rune stone and local buildings.
It was the only rune stone we saw on the trip which made it quite special.
We returned to Salbohed for our evening meal,then we were off to the Quarry in search
of another owl.On a cliff overlooking the plant in the Quarry a male Eagle Owl was seen
on the opposite gravel face.
We eventually found the female nesting in an unusual place,it was on one of the work
platforms on or near the stairs apparently the staff work around it.
We left reluctantly pushing on through the Black River lakes where two White tailed sea eagles
sat near there nest far across the lake showing well through the scopes.
Moving past Ramnas we encountered two Moose and some Roe deer.
We looked again for Eagle owl but only managed Pygmy owl,a  local cheese and berrie
wine finished our owl watch.
Our final night in Sweden was a sunset over Lake Flackebo were a Bittern  bade
us farewell.

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