Monday, 20 May 2013

Birding in Sweden Day2 Part 2

Onwards to Broddbo where we followed a woodland stream to a nest box high in the trees.
Daniel followed our local  ringer to where a Tawny Owl box was in view.

The Tawny owl was soon in the net and it showed well in the hand for us birders to
More owling at Hastorrpet produced Ural Owl flying from it's nest box and giving good
The conifers surrounding the meadow showed off these owls rather well as they have
rather an aggressive nature.Finally a  second  Ural Owl site near Hornkarrssjon where
we photographed Ural in the hand and in flight etc.
Seen at close quarters, once again you can really appreciate this superb bird.
This ended a great day for us as we headed back to Salbohed,we had 20 minutes before our
evening meal ,a celebratory beer then the bird log prior to our evening sojourn.

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