Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Day three The Woodpeckers with Mikael Rhoonstadt

 A warm sunny day a little cool at first as we headed off with a different guide today,first up was
the elusive Hazel grouse which lived up to it's elusive notoriety as we only heard it,however we saw
Red Squirrel.
We even heard Grey headed woodpecker and a Wryneck.Moving on towards Ekopark

We explored a woodland  with a number of dead trees which had a purpose for a
particular species.
Here in this specialized  habitat we saw the incredible Three toed Woodpecker
excavating it's nest hole.
The male seen here with yellow on it's crown allowed close approach.
More splendid views of this superb bird before moving on.
We perceivered for other species ,managed  red backed shrike , hard to see
in the dwarf conifer scub.
Next up a site for Black Woodpecker we saw it leaving its nest and Spotted and
Pied Flycatcher in close proximity.
Checking more Silver Birch areas we flushed  a Woodcock  and noted four eggs.

It's not often you stumble literally over ground nesting birds we had seen many roding
individuals these light summer evenings.
Coffe or tea break was at Sveasskog  of note we had seen Red and Black throated divers
on the lakes.

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