Sunday, 2 December 2012

cruising Diamond Princess 6th Nov 2012

0830hrs -0900hrs at sea on an easterly course across the East China sea towards Japan,some showers
were evident.Awaiting breakfast in cabin 0900hrs.
Oriental Turtle Dove flew over the ship now its resting on the boat a ship assisted migrant.
10 15 HRS two Streaked Shearwaters off foreward starboard.
Fairly large profile in flight at some distance.1030hrs the sun is shining starboard side
with a heavy swell.Around 1215 hrs encountered a thrush at sea,size in flight looked like
Song Thrush,it landed right next to me on the boat.I quickly photographed it,
overall brown back,slight supercillium,upper breast streaked,lower breast spotted,
short wings and tail could be an autumn juvenile,also pale legs and pale bill.

My  conclusion was a female Japanese Thrush ,on return to the UK I concurred with
Jack Fearnside who identified it as Pale Thrush which is the same species.
At lunch a large passage of shearwaters were following a fishing vessel probably Sooty
and Short tailed shearwaters finished sea watching 1415 hrs.

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