Thursday, 20 December 2012

8th Nov 2012 Busan South Korea

I t was sunny cool and clear as we arrived in Busan ,South Korea a local band welcomed us at
the port.Today I am visitng the Haedong  Yonggunsa temple,its much colder here at the
terminal at Yungdo. I catch the bus Carol said she has seen enough temples.
This temple is next to the sea I am hoping to see some birds but there is too many
tourists here in such a small area.
I climbed a 100 steps  up to the Buddhas noting a few woodpeckers and tits in the
Next we headed  back to Dongbaekseom  Island  where the stunning APEC house
held the economic leaders meetings.
The area is surrounded by Pine trees and on a stony beach frequented by Black tailed gulls.
In the trees I saw a few odd birds notably brown eared bulbuls,magpies,crows,Oriental turtle dove
and varied tit.
Next up Busan market where street cooking and Busan babes ended my short tour of South Korea.
Busan babes shopping in the local market.
So its back to the boat its Captain's night so I should see some penguins floating around.
Heres one shaken not stirred sub species bondi .

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