Friday, 7 December 2012

7th November Nagasaki Japan

Pre morning from the navigator after rounding the islands of Ioshima and Okinoshima we will make
our way to the harbour,this was the birthplace of the Diamond Princess.
After passing under Megami Ohashi bridge we will make our way to Masugae Quay
Got up 0535hrs  prepared for our trip inland on arrival Black Kites circle the harbour,crows
mobbed and Japanese wagtails obliged.
Boarded our coach  after finger printing formalities.It was60c around 0700hrs as we went through the
Nakao tunnel one of many tunnels on route passing through Isahaya.
Noting many birds on route and  at Ariake Bay an Osprey.
First stop was the historic town of Shimabara the "Bukeyashiki" Old Samurai Houses.
It was known as "Teppo -machi" gun town from the town houses of foot soldiers.
After leaving the Samurai houses we took the coach to Shimabara castle,formerley called
This large scale castle was larger than normal  for a feudal lord with revenues  of only
40,000 koku.Bird of note here was white throated rock thrush.
Next up was the replica village devastated by an earthquake Mizunashi Honjin. This small
village was buried by ash  during an eruption of Mount Fugen in 1991.

Around the site I noted the superb Daurian  redstart,this beautifully coloured bird posed
at some distance.
While using the loos I managed to see some more birds in the hedges and fields adjacent.
The striking Elegant bunting perched prominantly though distant and the Eurasian  Siskin in
the car park just before leaving.
The area is now a memorial site to the volcanic devastation. Lunch was Japanese at
Hotel Nampuro,the Miso soup was superb on the way back Isahaya and Ariake Bay confirmed
as great bird sites in Andrew Wrights blog.
We returned to the ship tired a band and local dancers bade us farewell playing 1 NIL to
the Arsenal a Wenger anthem as we cruised under the suspension bridge out of Nagasaki.

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