Sunday, 18 November 2012

Diamond Princess Cruise to East Asia23

23rd of October 2012 flew  into Bangkok arrived 17oohrs local time on the 24th.The threatening
rain came pouring down. I noted a few birds on route to the Siam hotel mostly egrets and  starlings.
A few drinks in the bar and a meal before retiring for an early night as we had a tour booked of
Bangkok the following morning.
We left the hotel at 0730 hrs and made our way to the Grand Palace,this Royal residence was built in
This  is where  King Rama ascended the throne,I photographed this fine monument and its
superb sculptures.
Next we walked to the river Chao Phraya,a boat ride here held few thrills ,except feeding the cat fish.
Finally the Golden Buddha was a last  look at Buddhist Bangkok before heading off to Laembang
near Pattaya where we boarded the boat.
Our butler Benjamin brought us two glasses of Champagne as we unpacked,now 1730 hrs we
have a muster drill for safety on Promenade deck7 Explorers bar,after this we went to the Crooners
bar where a 007 cocktail was served as an orchestra played.We met an Irish couple from County Fermanagh Francie and Siobahn  had dinner and danced till late.All together now" We are sailing".

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