Friday, 30 November 2012

Cruising Diamond Princess Nov 4TH 2012

Got up 0800hrs  we had finished trasiting the Taiwan Strait with Taiwan on our starboard side
and China on our port.
I sea watched in a heavy swell for an hour producing at least 60c shearwaters.
The species looked to be Short tailed Shearwaters and Streaked shearwaters.
The sun had arrived 0915 hrs as we await breakfast in our cabin.
A common migrant Wedge tailed Shearwater was also a possibilitie,later  I picked up a
Pomarine skua ,still sea watching 1145 hrs.
Captains report 1210hrs  rough to moderate seas on a NNE course along the East China sea and
China is 35 miles  of the port side.
It's 124 Nautical miles before we reach the pilot station for Shanghai around 2100hrs.

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