Friday, 30 November 2012

cruising Diamond Princess 3rd Nov 2012

Got up 0800hrs sunny and windy, tea in the cabin 093O HRS quiet pelagic  wise,spent most of the day
in mixed conditions at the back of the boat.
No birds at all up to lunch time .Retired to the cabin around1630hrs sailing of the coast of Taiwan.
Suddenly I pick up a small but gracefull black and white bird with grey pale wings.
Could this be the Gadfly petrel ie Bonin Petrel.
It is accidental of Taiwan after the excitement I have a siesta around 1700 hrs.
Light fading 1900hrs  preparing for formal dress evening,a night in our penguin suits
with dinner in the Vivaldi restaurant.
"Well everybodys heard about the bird? bird bird bird."

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