Monday, 15 October 2012

Fly fishing at John O'Gaunts Kings Sombourne

Saturday 13th of October 0615hrs Tom Mixture arrived from Woodoaks farm and Paul Lewis joined
Alan Walsh,Geoff the Kiwi and John Ireland . We we were away by 1825 hrs on route .
On the M25 still dark then the M3 towards Winchester ,land of Alfred and the Danes.
Around O800 HRS we were at the Crown pub in Kings Somborne village.
After breakfast we made our way to the fisherie around 0900hrs,on arrival we took
lots and set off around the beautiful mist shrouded the autumnal lake.
Soon  we were all catching  by 1030hrs I had bagged up.Lewis had been coached or poached by
Fred the sec and had caught his four fish.

So had Tom Mixture as had Alan and Geoff the Kiwi caught his four fom the end pool.
After a barbeque courtesy of John Irelands John O'Burgers as black as an Irish bog
Paul,Tom and I walked along a tranquill stretch of the River Test flushing a Roe Deer
and a lovely Barn owl before a wonderful day came to an end.
Sorry almost forgot our other new boy with a fine  Rainbow.affectionately known
as Dolly Mixture.

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