Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Weekend in Boston 10th 12th Dec 2011

Not much birding but I managed one day in the backwoods park in Central Boston.I was looking for
Black Duck but only managed Mallard ,saw a pair of Downy Woodpeckers and two Blue jays.
However I was rewarded with a couple of Hoode Mergansers.
Here in the river I first located them before better views further on.
Moving on through the park I saw a few more species as well as a good conservation message from
our friends across the pond,take note local park lovers.
You now have been advised,impressed I walked on noting American Robin and Black capped
Boston is noted for its historical links with Britain it was discovered in 1630 and a plaque in Boston
Common celebrates the fact.
Here above you can see the Pilgrim fathers,the main reason for visiting Boston was my sons birthday,
hence visiting a number of bars including Mr Dooleys and the Guinness.
It was here and at Smith and Wolenskys,we celebrated in style ,with fine dining and traditional
Irish music.It was all over too soon and we flew home courtesy of good old BA.

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