Saturday, 3 December 2011

Birding in Kenya

This post was requested by my mate Paul Lewis ,so to cheer him up after sleeplesss days due to contractors digging the road up outside his house,this morning I went to the lodge and left the card for
my camera at home,so here are some African birds to delight.First Black bellied bustard in breeding
plumage seen here on the plains of the Mara also in Tsavo. Next a Brown crowned Tchagra singing
near our tent,was known as a bush shrike.Also around tents commonly in the Mara is White browed
Robin chat.Of course what would Kenya be without it's raptors ,one of the most impressive must
be the Martial Eagle.The habitat changes from savannah bisected by rivers and scrub adding to the
diversity of mammals and birds.A common sandpiper sits on a hippo's ear 50 yards below our tent.
Stay tuned for more birds with Colne valley birder on tour.

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