Sunday, 4 December 2011

Stockers lake and Woodoaks farm

Walked Ted to Mill End passing Woodoaks along the main road of interest a party of
20c Rooks were feeding on the field ,it was nice to see the return of this under recorded corvid.
Also 2 Egyptian geese have set up territory probably fed up with being shot at over neighbouring
Lynsters.However I was after a reported smew on Stockers which failed to materialize.
So I contented my self with views of up to15 Goldeneye,the light was poor for photography and
there were a few west london birders trying to photograph them ,also some Potters bar rspb people
but generally quiet.
I managed a few shots of Shoveler ironically from the Shoveler hide before returning via the River
Colne,on neighbouring Inns and Springwell, Wigeon numbers are increasing along with a single
Red crested Pochard.

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