Friday, 27 May 2011

Croxley Common Moor

A visit to this place an SSI site of Special Scientific Interest was my naturalist play ground my mother and father and her brother all worked at Dickinsons paper mill.
I would wait along the canal or River Gade fishing in the school holidays,the Gade produced roach and big Perch caught on minnows,today I was with Paul Lewis reminiscing my childhood.
On  arrival a Whitethroat greeted us and Blue tits were calling from a nest box as we entered along Ebury Way .

Crossing the moor reed bunting and willow warbler obliged with more whitethroats in territorial display.
Walking towards the river Gade the phragmites held displaying reed and sedge warblers,moving along the river we were distracted by flora notably birds foot trefoil and cranesbill amongst others.
Buff rumped bumble bees were polinating a thistle and there was breeding evidence of Moorhen with a juvenile,young blackcaps,goldfinch,greenfinch and starlings.
On departing a  lesser whitethroat obiged.

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