Thursday, 5 May 2011

On the border with Lewis

From Denham Way to Middlesex it takes 5 minutes by car,parking in Moorhall road in Denham we are soon walking a hundred yards towards Broadwater GP,nature reserve,after 20 yards we find a dead muncjac on the path swiftly followed by two may flys.
We crossed the Colne and enter the reserve,passing Korda lake,named after Alexander Korda a famous film maker from Denham film studios near by,incidentally he is buried in a cemetary in the Chalfonts near Maple Cross(not a lot a people know that).Back to the present bird song was everywhere a host of warblers and a riot of colour pink flowered Horse Chestnut trees and Demoiselle dragon flys on Alkernet flowers,while overhead Sparrowhawk outwits Carrion Crow,numerous gulls dispossessing Common Terns.Lewis spots a single Black Tern,I guessed we might get one on passage.
Canada geese with young and butterflies abound,red admiral,brimstone,orange tip.
Great crested grebes at nest and pairing up,a Hobby overhead,female green Demoiselles bodys glisten in the sunshine. A Chiffchaff's monotonous song is interupted by a cuckoo which poses in an Alder on the causeway.Mallards with broods move quickly along, amongst a backdrop of Campion in profusion.
Will  HS2 destroy this area,we passed 2 people in 2 hours of sheer bliss only mother nature to admire.
The Colne Valley should be  a National Park before it is destroyed ,for what another train line there is already one doing the same route with nobody on because people can't afford the fares and its cheaper by car.

On route we passed a dead badger and a dead muncjac,killed by people in a hurry going no where.

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