Saturday, 14 May 2011

Tewinbury badger watch

Arrived Tewin 20.00hrs with Hugh Day,blackbirds were singing in an area of scattered fruit trees,as we walked with our fellow watchers we anticipated the evenings events.
Sitting comfortably in the hide just panels of glass between us and our nocturnal visitors,we were soon entertained by a single muncjac,then a green woodpecker left the tree in undulating flight.
In the nearby woods rabbits were in profusion,a cuckoo called in the distance then as the light faded a tawny owl was hunting the meadow, a juvenile was calling in the background awaiting dinner.
Around 22.00 hrs the badgers started leave there earth mound and walk towards the hide at one stage 7 of 9 individuals were visible,  a pair was actually mating at the den, I tried in vain to photograph without flash and in respect of fellow watchers and Tewin rules,it was too dark but it was just privelige to be here watching this event.

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