Thursday, 30 June 2011

Back on the circuit

Apolgies for my abscence, a trip to Thailand produced some good birding plus excellent food and lovely people I can understand while most men in Britain are here it could be all the women in Britain wan't to be men?.
Enough said I was with the wife but birding in Kaeng Krachan was good and the chance to cross the River Kwai was great for this old colonial.
Opposite the hotel there were Blue tailed bee eaters breeding in the ground as were Black winged stilts and Red wattled plovers on the ground with their high pitched call of "did you do it" harshly repeated.
Some impressive birds in KK WERE Green Magpie,Ratchet tailed Tree pie ,White rumped Shama, and a host of butterflies, along with Muncjac and Giant Black Squirrel.
Returning home to a phone call of a Night Heron at Stockers I was blaisie and left it too late missing it by an hour,I had been watching them in Thailand a few days prior but was gutted as it would have been a Herts tick.

So today I walked to Woodoaks the Little Owls were showing one ad and one juv,but my old mate Lewis told me to check out the butterflies at Lady Walk Wood where I photographed Ringlets,Marbled White etc on a lovely summers morning.

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