Thursday, 27 October 2016

Two more days before Mexico

Monday the 17th of October overcast rain in the air spent some time on Lido deck had a Pina Colada thought I was Del boy,only two flying fish before 1500hrs ,time for a siesta before another Captains night.
Awaiting Rich and Liz got the champers on ice and Lionel on the I pad.
Great night six of us eating having a dance and the crack with the Geordies and Ronnie and Reggie.
Final day Caz at the launderette,I'm looking for the elusive birds of the Pacific ocean.The boats rocking its Beaufort 8 from the west,its 1500 hrs and its still rocking I'm reading Arsene Wengers  biography another day of heavy seas ,Carols almost sick not our best day.

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