Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Woke up around 0730hrs we could see Kauiai  in the distance and two Blue footed Boobys as we began to dock.
We left the boat and joined a tour  our first stop was Hanapepe valley.
It was here we saw our first White tailed tropic birds.

This was the only species on view as I gave this valley a scour in  the short time allowed.
Next up Waimea canyon highlighted by Mark Twain as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific,known as the garden isle the canyon is3,567 ft deep and twelve mile long,this panoramic area was used for filming Jurassic park.
Then on to Waimea where Captains Cooks landing site and statue could be seen.
Our last stop was at Poipu where at Spouting Horn Park on the South Shore is a natural lava tube that releases a huge geyser.
It was here the Bristle thighed Curlew flew over calling and on the nearby golf course a moorhen  of the sub species sandvicensis showed.
Left Kauiai around 1730hrs sunset with shearwaters and a pod of dolphins as our first day in the Hawaiian archipelago draws to a close.

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